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What is OEE

What is OEE, How is it Calculated? OEE (Overall Equipment Effectivenes) is one of the important KPIs used by production units. Before starting OEE, let’s talk about the concepts of Efficiency and Efficiency. What is Efficiency? It expresses the relationship between the inputs used in the process and the outputs obtained at the end of […]

What is kanban?

Kanban Lean production is defined as the production of just-in-time and cheap production techniques with the least resources. In this article, we will talk about its types and the type of kanban. What is Kanban? The basic principle of lean production is to ensure a continuous flow. Pulling system is absolutely necessary within a continuous […]

The Best Life

Success and failure always depend on personal characteristics, choices, actions, and the personal energies that have the power to change our lives. These factors or energies that will enable us to live our best lives are within us, waiting for us to reach them, develop them, and use them on the path to achieving productivity, […]

Cultural Factor in International Affairs

The relationship between consumer behavior and culture in international trade is a strong and significant one. Behaviors and relationships play a crucial role in the international business world, where culture has a profound impact. Culture influences consumer behavior, and consumer behavior affects international trade among countries. Numerous research studies and theories have been developed over […]