What is kanban?

Kanban Lean production is defined as the production of just-in-time and cheap production techniques with the least resources. In this article, we will talk about its types and the type of kanban.

What is Kanban? The basic principle of lean production is to ensure a continuous flow. Pulling system is absolutely necessary within a continuous flow. It is a system that provides information to the processes for the production to be done as much as desired, at any desired time and just in time. The cards used in setting this up are called kanban. In Japanese, these cards are called signal cards. This system was put into practice by Toyota after 1940 and supported by lean production techniques. It has been fully operational in the West since the 80s. There is only a safety stock. Safety stock corresponds to this system. Companies implementing the system work with the just-in-time production philosophy. We can also say visual method. The cards used in this system are cards containing information in the form of 10.6 * 20.32 cm.

What is Lean and its principles?

  1. Definition of value: In this system, every activity is evaluated according to the concept of value. This value is evaluated by the customer. Any activity area that is not accepted is seen as waste.
  2. Value stream analysis: As can be seen, the second step as lean production techniques is value stream analysis. All steps cover the whole final process starting from raw materials.
  3. Continuous flow: It covers ensuring uninterrupted flow by minimizing just in time to the cheapest according to the value defined by the customer.
  4. Pull system: At this stage, it allows the product and service to be available at any time. It supports not making production without waiting for customer demand.
  5. Understanding of excellence: The system is in the process of improvement with continuous leaders. It aims to reach the best.

What are the Types of Kanban?

  1. Transportation

It is divided into Supplier and Pull. Supplier is the procurement of product materials needed by the producer. It is used to pull a waiting and finished material in the supplier.

Pull kanban, on the other hand, is the type of kanban that controls stocks such as supermarkets within the company. It is used to supply the material needed by the process.

  1. Production

It is divided into Production Signal (batch production). Production triggers the production of raw materials or finished products as a pull kanban. Signal is the type of kanban located in the supplier in case of time loss of the supplier, for the purpose of replacing the finished product using lean production techniques.

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