What is productivity?

When I opened my computer this morning, I saw an email from Microsoft Via. It says: “Have a productive day!”

What is productivity? As a physician in the healthcare sector and also someone who looks at health from the perspective of quality and lean, I say:

“To provide the right healthcare service, in the right amount, at the right time, in the right way, with the right resources, delivering high added value to patients, employees, and the economy, at the right pace, with the right quality, without harming the environment, is to treat patients.”

Not only physicians but all healthcare professionals shape and implement their work models with this mindset, I believe we can solve most of the problems in today’s healthcare sector, if not all.

Providing the right healthcare service involves acquiring current knowledge, learning the right amount to avoid waste, improving our processes by determining the right time, internalizing quality standards in healthcare, planning the right resources such as teams, equipment, and facility features, seeing the waste of lean thinking, and learning how to analyze and apply solutions, eliminating unnecessary steps in our processes at the right pace, applying current quality management systems for the right quality, and demonstrating proper waste management to avoid harming the environment.

Productive days are our right!

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