Overview – 5S Course

In the processes we have designed to produce a product or service, all activities without added value are called “waste”.  Lean management is a concept that has emerged with the goal of removing or minimizing waste. The concept of “Lean manufacturing”, which started with Japan after the 2. world war, is applied in all sectors, especially automotive.

The base element of lean manufacturing is standard work. It is not possible to accurately measure process standard times and therefore performance without standardization. The process that cannot be measured correctly cannot be managed and improved. The process that cannot be measured correctly cannot be managed and improved. Especially in areas where many different people work together, the standardization process starts with 5S and visual management.

5S is the way to perfection in terms of performance, comfort, safety and cleanliness in the shopfloor and offices.

The goal of 5S course is to provide participants with the ability to lead the creation and continuity of the visual factory, one of the basic principles of lean manufacturing techniques.


  • Lean management principles
  • 7 Waste (muda)
  • Lean organization
  • 5S Steps
    • Step 0 Project Kickoff
      • Identifying leader and team members.
    • Step 1 Sort (Seiri)
      • Determination of the rules
      • Red-tag and sorting list
      • Confirmation of the step
    • Step 2 Set in Order (Seiton)
      • Finding it fast; faster
      • Setting a Place for everyting
      • Visual Control of Tool Storage
      • Straighten the Workflow
      • Confirmation of the step
    • Step 3 Shine (Seiso)
      • Seeing problems when they are small
      • The map of dirty areas
      • Shine – procedure and plans
    • Step 4 Standardize (Seiketsu)
      • Rules for all areas
      • Setting standards for condition
      • Using visual management for whats happening
    • Step 5 Sustain (Shitsuke)
      • Daily, weekly and monthly feedback and performance
      • Workplaces measurement checklists
      • Audit plan
    • Case Study


Participants who are successful in the exams and assignments to be made during the program “5S Certificate of Achievement”
is entitled to receive. Participants participating in the training are also entitled to receive a “5S Participation Certificate”.