Overview – SPC Course

SPC is a tool that aims to keep the process under control in critical specifications within the product by the IATF (International Automotive Association).

Although process inputs and outputs are theoretically considered constant, variability is inevitable. With the control limits to be created with SPC, the process is made as robust as possible and the customer is secured, while quality costs are reduced.

Statistical Process Control is an important tool that prevents errors from occurring by keeping our processes under control. The warning light that lights up 50-60 km before the end of fuel in our car is a life-saving control limit usage example. In this way, we avoid staying on the road, that is, having problems. For our processes, SPC works with exactly this logic. In addition, if we follow the process variations and determine the intervention periods, we will have the correct inputs for our Control Plans and Maintenance Plans.

The goal of SPC Course is to provide the employees who will apply SPC – Statistical Process Control in their companies to gain sufficient knowledge about basic statistics and the tools used.


    • Basisbegrippen Statistiek
    • Histogram
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Parameters Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk Capaciteitsberekeningen Capaciteitsanalyse met Minitab ControlekaartenControl Diagrams
      • Kwantitatieve Gegevens
        • X-R of R/S
        • I-MR-R/S
      • Kwalitatieve Gegevens
        • P Chart
        • NP Chart
        • C Chart
        • U Chart


Deelnemers die succesvol zijn in de examens en opdrachten die tijdens het programma worden afgenomen, hebben recht op het ontvangen van het “SPC Certificaat van Verdienste”. Deelnemers die deelnemen aan de training hebben ook recht op een “SPC Deelnamecertificaat”.