Overview – SMED Course

SMED (Single minute exchange of die) is one of the many Lean Manufacturing Tools used to minimize losses in manufacturing processes. It is the way to change from a working product to another product effectively and quickly. Fast changing between products in SMED applied processes minimizes lot quantities and makes lean the flow.

The term of SMED first emerged for improving the bottleneck on the body line at the Toyota plant in the early 1960s by Shigeo Shingo.

The improvements provided by SMED have been successful in making the investments foreseen in many manufacturing facilities unnecessary. 

The cost of changeover time per product is inversely proportional to the order quantity. Accordingly, the contribution of the changeover time increases as the order quantity decreases. Therefore, SMED is an indispensable Lean Manufacturing Tool in flexible production systems. 

We can review the effect of changeover times per product from the examples below.

Changeover timeOrderCycle timeOperation timeChangeover time cost for 1 product
4 hr1001 min340 min%71
4 hr10001 min1.240 min%19
4 hr100001 min10.240 min%2

With 50% improvement provided with SMED;

Changeover timeOrderCycle timeOperation timeChangeover time cost for 1 product
2 hr1001 min220 min%71
2 hr10001 min1.120 min%19
2 hr100001 min10.120 min%2

Aim in SMED Course is to train experts who adopted the lean manufacturing principles and can lead the SMED process.



  • Lean management principles
  • 7 Waste (muda)
  • Lean organization
  • Standart work
  • What is SMED?
  • Steps of SMED
    • Selection of the products
    • Selection of the kaizen (Simulation via Gemba SMED Tools)
    • Time study
    • Seperating external and internal activities
    • Operational improvements
    • Sustainability


Participants who are successful in the exams and assignments to be made during the program are entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of SMED”. Participants participating in the training are also entitled to receive an “Attendance Certificate of SMED”.