Overview – Advanced Kaizen Course

Companies that have exchance kaizen -continuous improvement- activities into company culture in their processes clearly make a difference in their own sectors. Focused Kaizen Groups have ability to use the right tools in process improvements is  extremely effective to business success.

The goal in Advanced Kaizen Course is to provide participants with the ability to lead the process of determining the process capabilities with statistical methods, analyzing them and creating ideas for improvement through the use of collective mind.


  • Lean Principles
  • Kaizen Concept; History and Development
  • Kaizen Company Culture
  • 7 Muda (7 big waste)
  • Differences Between Kaizen and Innovation
  • PUKO Cycle and Continuous Improvement Tools
  • Kaizen Leadership
  • 10 Steps For Advanced Kaizen
    • Choosing the Topic of Kaizen
      • Define and Detail Current Situation
      • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
      • Process Capability in Sigma (via Minitab)
    • Set a Target Condition
    • Kaizen Team
    • Analysis
      • Work Flow, Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys
      • Dieper 
      • Cause and Effect Matrix
    • Devise Countermeasures to Address Root Causes
      • TRIZ (Case Study)
      • Nominal Group Technique (Case Study)
    • Create an Implementation Plan
    • Verification of Results
    • Ensuring Continuity and Standardization
    • Standardization

Advanced Kaizen Course Duration: 3 days


Participants who are successful in the exams and assignments to be made during the program are entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of Advanced Kaizen”. Participants participating in the training are also entitled to receive an “Attendance Certificate of Advanced Kaizen”.