Overview – VSM Course

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a Lean Management tool which is used to analyze all activities of product or servise  processes from the supplier to the customer.

The future situation to be designed with the current situation is analyzed with Value Stream Mapping, MUDAs are removed, the time of the lead time is reduced and the costs are reduced in this way.

Material and information flow in Supply Chain are in full detail be examined. Although Value Stream Mapping was first introduced for manufacturing processes; in recent years it is widely used to in in other sectors like logistics, service and health areas.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is an analysis tool also used to in Lean 6 Sigma technique.

What does Value Stream Mapping Analysis provide?

  • Clear Visual Management for product and information flow,
  • Able to see wastes (MUDAs)
  • A clear seen of information network in the supply chain,
  • Possible communication errors / deficiencies are seen easily..
  • Creating a road map in selecting Lean tools to remove wastes


  • Lean principles
  • Value added / Non-Value added
  • Tools in Value Stream Mapping
  • Value stream mapping steps
  • Takt time / Cycle time / Lead time
  • OEE / OAE / TEEP
  • Current situation mapping
  • Lean transformation
    • Kaizen (case study)
    • One piece flow
    • Push-Pull systems
    • Kanban
    • Spaghetti diagram (Simulation via Gemba spagetti tool)
    • TPM
    • SMED (Simulation via Gemba SMED tool)
    • Future situation value stream mapping


Participants who are successful in the exams and assignments to be made during the program are entitled to receive the “Achievement Certificate of VSM”. Participants participating in the training are also entitled to receive an ““Attendance Certificate of VSM”.