Data Analysis

Today, with the advancement of technology, data has gained a great importance in the world. Apart from being a method utilizing different disciplines, data analysis is mostly associated with the science of statistics. For this reason, understanding the data and drawing useful results from it is of great importance as new steps are taken more confidently.

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the modeling process that supports the processes of finding useful results, reaching results and making decisions as a result of collecting, sorting and processing raw data. Data analysis appears as a scientific method that is used as an effective tool for companies or businesses in making important decisions such as making decisions in new projects, investments to be made, downsizing or growth.

When it comes to data analysis, the big data that comes to mind mostly refers to large and complex data sets. Especially on social media, photos shared by people, messages sent or all data that comes to mind from the company’s sales files to the production rate are considered within the scope of big data.

What is Data Science?

Data science is one of the most popular research and application areas today. Data science is the field that brings together many fields, including scientific methods, statistics and data analysis to extract value from data. Data, technology and science are the main elements of the renewal process to provide social and economic benefits. Especially in recent years, the reason why we come across it very often is technological developments.

People dealing with data science are called data scientists. People who bring together many skills to analyze data collected from the web, smartphones, customers, sensors and other sources are called data scientists.

Why Is Data Analysis Important?

Today, data analysis is among the methods preferred by companies and businesses to achieve many successes. Analyzing the right data with the right methods provides great benefits to companies. Especially the results arising from the analysis of wrong information and incorrectly used methods cause great harm to companies or businesses. For this reason, when data analysis methods are created correctly and effectively, they are of great benefit in making the right decisions for the future.